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Cryogenic cabling solutions for cryogenic systems

Cryoconnect is a specialist division of Tekdata's Interconnect Systems, and deals solely with cabling and interconnection solutions in cryogenic systems.

Whether you require high volumes or complex one-off cables, we are pleased to work closely with you to design and supply highly reliable solutions for all your cryogenic cabling needs.

Anyone involved in the supply or use of cryogenic systems needs highly reliable and well designed cabling.

Cryoconnect is used in dilution refrigerators, cryogenic systems, superconducting magnet systems, low temperature detector systems, infrared array systems, and general housekeeping on cryogenic systems of all scales.

The information and data given in the resources section are provided as a general guide in designing Cryoconnect cryogenic cables and harness assemblies to give our clients details of the wide range of possibilities that Cryoconnect looms can provide.

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