About Us

- Established in 1969
- Based in Staffordshire, UK
- 43,056 sq ft. Manufacturing Facility
- A division of Tekdata Interconnections Ltd

Cryoconnect specialises in the design and manufacture of wiring solutions for LT and ULT cryogenic systems. Working closely with research groups, OEMs and designers, we are able to supply cryogenic harness assemblies offering the wide range of possibilities in orders of magnitude from large structures to micro-miniature and Nano density detector interconnections operating at millikelvin.

Our wiring harnesses are used in cryo-coolers, cryogen free-systems, dilution refrigerators, low temperature detector systems, superconducting magnet systems, infrared array systems, instruments and housekeeping on ground and space spacecraft systems of all scales.

Why work with us?

- Tekdata Interconnections is part of the Alpha 3 Manufacturing group, enabling utilisation of numerous capabilities, skills, machinery and
   factories across the UK.

- We have over 50 years of experience in the industry.

- Our service includes design advice, technical recommendations, drawing support and component sourcing to take your project from concept to
   production with as much guidance as you require.


Cryoconnect is a division of Tekdata Interconnections Ltd. Tekdata Interconnections Ltd is a division of Alpha 3 Manufacturing Ltd, which also incorporates CCS Electronics, CTL Manufacturing and DEM Manufacturing.