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The Cryogenic Society of America (CSA)

Cryoconnect, a division of Tekdata Interconnections, is a Corporate Sustaining Member of the Cryogenic Society (CSA). CSA is a non-profit technical society serving all those interested in any phase of cryogenics; the art and science of achieving extremely low temperatures — almost absolute zero. CSA was formed in 1964 and derived most of its initial members from the aerospace industry. However, the membership is now diversified to include engineers, physicists, other scientists, sales representatives, technicians, all levels of management, systems designers and operators and a host of other occupations… with a wide range of academic degrees and from more than 47 countries.   

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British Cryogenics Council (BCC)

Cryoconnect is a Corporate Member of the British Cryogenics Council (BCC), the natural home of Engineers working in the field of cryogenics. In 1967, the British Cryogenics Council (BCC) was founded to promote cryogenics and support the application of cryogenic processes in industry.

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Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Cryoconnect has obtained contracts from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). In total, JPL has 20 spacecraft and nine instruments conducting active missions. All of these are important parts of NASA's program of exploration of Earth, the solar system and the universe beyond. These ventures would not be possible without NASA's Deep Space Network managed by JPL.

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European Space Agency (ESA)

Established in 1975, the European Space Agency (ESA) is an intergovernmental organisation dedicated to the exploration of space. It has 18 member states and the organisation is headquartered in Paris. ESA's space flight program includes human spaceflight (mainly through the participation in the International Space Station program), the launch and operation of unmanned exploration missions to the moon and other planets, earth observations, science and telecommunication. It also maintains the Guiana Space Centre at Kourou, French Guiana, and designs launch vehicles.

Visit the European Space Agency website

United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service is the sole national accreditation body which assesses against international standards, the organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. Accreditation by UKAS demonstrates the competence, impartiality and performance capability of these evaluators. UKAS is a non-profit-distributing private company, limited by guarantee. Accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) ensures that consumers, suppliers, purchasers and specifiers can have confidence in the quality of goods and in the provision of services throughout the supply chain.

Cryoconnect have worked and/or continue to work with the following institutes and universities:

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

NASA Goddard Flight Center

Stanford University 




Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL Space)

UK Astronomy Technology Centre (ATC)

Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Scotland

Cardiff University, Wales

European Southern Observatory (ESO)


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