Cryogenic Shielding

Shielding is imperative for eliminating noise in data and signal transmission; Cryoconnect can offer a range of options to meet your shielding requirements.

Determining the shielding termination specification may require distinction between 0V returns, chassis grounds and faraday shielding. For all connector types, both circular and rectangular, we can provide 360 degree RFI/EMC shielding within our range of encapsulated back shells. By design we can reduce the pin count and therefore mass by introduction of a bus bar to pull up individual grounds, or return lines to terminate to dedicated pin or connector shells.

Constructions are available in silver-plated copper, stainless steel, manganin, constantan and phosphor bronze. We can configure cable assemblies with a wide range of shielding constructions by design; examples include:

- Individually Shielded Wires
- Single Wires
- Twisted Pairs
- Twisted Triples
- Twisted Quads

Plus, overall shielded using either a braid or foil, sometimes utilising both methods if required.

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