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Design Capabilities

Cryogenic cabling and harness design solutions from Cryoconnect

Nearly every cryogenic system requires the injection and retrieval of information from the cold. This information is usually in the form of an electrical signal and is carried on wires and co-axial cables which pierce the vacuum wall of the cryostat.

Cryoconnect design and manufacture solutions for systems requiring harnesses and interconnections in cryogenic applications. Whether the requirement is for volume or complex one-off harnesses, we work closely with the science led community to design and supply highly reliable solutions for all cryogenic harnessing needs. In this way we are able to provide reliable and well designed repeatable cabling.

Complexities of cable design
Defining the right geometry is critical in achieving useful heat uplifts in cryogenic systems. For liquid cryogens or mechanical coolers, the right materials have a strong function in meeting the cooling power required.

Heat dissipation and heat leaks
To avoid self heating and minimise heat leaks from the outside world, the design needs to limit the current in the wires, consider low duty cycles with higher currents and incorporate low thermal conductance resistance alloys in small diameters.

Systems that require high bandwidth electrical interconnections may need to control the characteristic impedance of the wiring. To achieve this we can define and control the wire spacing, gauges and alloys by design. If the bandwidth requirements are very high, we can incorporate coaxial cables as necessary.

Pick up
System requirements which need to include well considered shielding to avoid pickup, ground loops and cross-talk between signals is very important. By design we can include many levels, individual shields, selective and double-shielding depending upon the grounding scheme requirements.

Thermal EMF
During the design phase, avoiding possible thermally generated electromagnetic fields is essential, particularly where sensitive measurements are needed. Where wires of dissimilar composition, or wires of nominally the same alloy are used, we take great care in the measurement and pre-selection stages to eliminate issues associated with alloys manufactured at different times or by different manufacturers.

Reliable cost effective design and construction
The critical issue of reliability is important in wiring harness design. Poorly implemented wiring systems are often the major source of unreliability in a cryogenic system and a major source of re-work cost if not designed and implemented well.

Working closely with experimenters and system designers to translate their ideas and needs enables us to offer the best technological solutions. The team at Cryoconnect is available to answer questions, offer advice and provide support wherever possible to accelerate time to results. Cryoconnect is used in dilution refrigerators, cryogenic systems, superconducting magnet systems, low temperature detector systems, infrared array systems, and housekeeping on cryogenic systems of all scales.

Additional capabilities
Designing and manufacturing cryogenic interconnections is only part of the story, we can also provide a complete set of test capabilities up to full space flight qualification:

Vacuum Bakeout
Torque Testing
Thermal Cycling
Vibration Testing
Handling Testing
Electrical Performance Testing
Radiative Testing
Conductance Testing
PA Inspection
X-ray Testing
Test and report documentation

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