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Woven Harnesses

Woven harnesses from Cryoconnect

Cryoconnect can organise cryogenic wiring systems with your choice of:

Wire types, co-axial cable and optical fibre, woven into a convenient high strength aramid looms.

Terminations encapsulated for added strength and reliability (e.g. connectors, PCB’s & wiring feedthroughs).

Wire configuration (e.g. twisted pairs, triples & quads which can be interleaved with shield wires or have selective shields in different sizes and types by design).

Thermal and electrical properties can be determined with our design and support.

Vacuum feed-throughs employing conventional hermetic connectors, or our hermetic Cryoconnect wiring feed-throughs.

Cryoconnect looms, woven harnesses and cable assemblies are:

Robust, flexible, easy to install and heat sink.

Available in any length.

Discrete wiring with breakouts programmed into the weaving to address discrete components and thermometry.

Shields with braided shielding in stainless steel and other metals by design.

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