Woven Harnesses

When there are weight or space constraints within an electrical application, woven harnesses
can offer a solution.

Woven harnesses allow for a very high number of signals to be transmitted within extremely tight space restrictions.

High strength properties are maintained due to the woven aramid structure around the wire construction. Termination methods such as miniature connectors, PCB’s and feedthroughs can be encapsulated for additional strength and reliability.

Different types of wire configurations can be incorporated in the design including:
- Single Cores
- Twisted Pairs
- Twisted Triples
- Twisted Quads
- Shielded Wires
- Coax Cable

These can be selectively shielded or grouped together in almost any combination.

Thermal and electrical properties are also critical in the design of your woven cable and can be discussed with our engineering and design team at the time of your enquiry.

All Cryoconnect looms, woven harnesses and cable assemblies are designed and manufactured to the highest quality providing our customers assurance.

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